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Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are a popular choice of entrance for commercial buildings. They not only welcome visitors but also moderate traffic and maintain climate zones within the space. Given the versatility of automatic doors, they are usually found in pharmacies, supermarkets, high streets, office blocks, schools and universities.

Automatic doors are taken for granted and their servicing is often neglected. With little care and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your automatic doors remain operational for many years! 

When you schedule a professional maintenance check, you can prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Moreover, self-maintaining your door pays off as it not only helps avoid common issues but also adds to your automatic door’s lifespan making your investment worthwhile.


Automatic Door inspection & preventative maintenance


If you have automatic doors installed at your building or facility, it is important that you plan their maintenance carefully to prevent what can become a potentially dangerous hazard and a possible liability to the building owner. Your automatic doors should be inspected on a regular basis (annually, semi-annually, quarterly). What you have inspected and how often depends on the usage the automatic door gets.

 Inspire Door Systems Automatic Door Technicians are all proud members of the ADIA (The Automatic door Installation Association)

that forms part of the BS EN 16005 & BS7036-0 regulation.


Breakdown & Repair Service


All mechanical systems with moving parts will face some issues or even breakdowns at some point. Our fast and reliable call out service ensures that the downtime and disruption caused by this are minimised and your security levels are restored as quickly as possible.

We repair a wide range of doors and access control equipment and below are just a few examples of the services we offer:

Fully automatic swing doors

Automatic sliding doors  /  Bi-parting doors 

Aluminium entrances and replacement door leaves

Standalone access control systems in conjunction with automation

Intercom systems in conjunction with automation


Steel Security Doors

Steel doors provide excellent security and can be configured for use as both personnel doors and emergency exits. The single, double and leaf and a half door-sets can also be supplied with bespoke side and overpanels.

Fixed, glazed, louvred or detachable panels, the illustrations show an example of the most common choices of Steel door design and is representative of the many options available.


Manual Doors

Manual doors are perhaps the most common form of entrances and can see excessive daily use. When components of the door fail the doors will become difficult to operate and sometimes dangerous.

Inspire Door Systems can quickly & easily repair your doors as we carry a vast amount of stock on our vehicles.

Components that are likely to fail & we can replace are:

  • Transom Closers
  • Floor Springs
  • Face fixed door Closers
  • Panic Bars
  • Pivots
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Top Centres